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    Prints available here. 

  2. What an amazing year! A big thank you to everyone who helped make such a vast improvement.

    Special thanks to our interns, professor Anne McKnight whose wisdom and connections proved vital to our success, Wynbrandt Farms and Steven Wynbrandt for the amazing bio-dynamic compost that made all the difference as well as his knowledge he passed onto us, and to the programs that helped fund this project: the UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative and The Green Initiative Fund.

  3. Our lovely garden! 

    photo cred: Grace Aldeman

  4. smart-gardener:


    Apr 20 - Perhaps I’m not as bad at gardening as I thought I was!

    Wow! Look at those beauties!

  5. Check out our interview with the Daily Bruin!

  6. koreaunderground:

    "While technically not on the actual roof of the house, this elderly woman attends to her rather comprehensive garden on the elevated plot next to her traditional home in the Bukchon neighborhood in Seoul. Considering the elevated price of produce this year, such a garden could provide considerable savings."

    via Enderle Travelblog

  7. Dig Internship is back and open! (UCLA students only) More info/Apply here

    Application deadline May 15th!

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    The window-mounted chassis, which holds three planters, is operated via pulley, as a sort of drawbridge outfitted with houseplants and herbs: barreaucharbonnet

  9. Diggers in the Sunset garden on January 19, 2014.

  10. The three steps in digging up our beds:

    1) (top) Dig up the beds and remove wooden frame.
    2) (bottom left) Lay down weed barriers. We put two layers to be safe.
    3) (bottom right) Sift soil to remove large bits of wood and gravel and add compost and potting soil.

  11. Plant these plants together in the same bed for the best results! Avoid bad companions for these reasons.

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  15. comfortspringstation:

    "If we can have a fast food restaurant on almost every corner, then we can certainly have a garden"

    NYC Council member Bill de Blasio

    Literally Go Green Where You Live